Michael Vessia

Senior Software Engineer at FloSports

Hey, I'm Michael. I'm currently helping FloSports become the essential destination for passionate sports fans by adding features that fans love to our multi-tenant web application that serves articles, results & rankings, VOD and livestreams for 25 different sports.

I know I'm making what our fans love because I am one. Flo is the home of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I'm currently a BJJ blue belt. I need to compete more to get my own profile on FloGrappling! I've also competed a few times in powerlifting and you can find my results on OpenPowerlifting, a volunteer run organization that I have made some contributions to over the years. It has a blazingly fast Rust backend and an efficient minimalistic UI. I also helped write an event management application using React and Redux to help feed high quality data into the main system.

Prior to joining FloSports I worked as a software engineer at LBi Software where I built and maintained enterprise systems and architected single page applications for Major League Baseball and the National Football League. I helped create the systems of record for many parts of the game, and many of the apps I built are used by league officials as the game is being played.